An addictively intriguing crime thriller about complex relationships and small town prejudices. After a ten-year absence, Detective Lauri Räihä is sent to investigate the murders of two men in the small northern town where he grew up. Lauri seeks answers to the case only to discover other truths about himself, his home town, and whether one has the power to forgive all sins.

Awarded with Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize “for outstanding writing of a Nordic drama series” at 2019 Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden.

TV series. 6 x 45 min. Created and written by Merja Aakko & Mika Ronkainen. Director: Mika Ronkainen. Producer: Ilkka Matila / MRP Matila Röhr Productions. Elisa Originals. 2019. World sales: Sky Vision.